What Do You Want to Be Known For?

A real hard hitting question that we typically don’t put enough thought into is “what do you want to be known for?” It sounds simple, but perception is everything. You want to clarify to the world that you are being perceived for everything that you want to be recognized for. Are you perceived as a good leader? Well, why are you a good leader and what have you accomplished as one? For example: I want to be known for being… the visionary who is able to implement strategies and achieve the desired results; the individual that always believes “where there is a will, there is a way;” a leader who breeds creativity and innovation. Do your words and everyday actions exemplify how you want to be perceived? It is pivotal to clearly establish what you want to be known for whether it is professionally, on a personal level or for your brand. And at the same time, anything that is perceived about your personally will also reflect on your brand or business because of your association with it. Continuously reflect and ask yourself, “What do you really want to be known for?”