The Social Media Scientist

Ah the world of Facebook Algorithms and all that… Mumbo Jumbo, they certainly can be a tricky one to work your head around. They also change them every five minutes so that doesn’t help either!

One question we hear often is:  “How come I have almost 5000 followers on my page and yet my highest organic post reach was only 250?”

The key to understanding the algorithm for your business is actually relatively easy. Do not  get overly obsessed by every slight change, otherwise you’ll end up like Frankenstein and have a monster you can’t control.

So, how do you make sense of it all and how you can  make the Facebook algorithm work for you and your company?  Keep in mind these 3 components.

With Organic Posts, timing is everything! If you want to get a good reach from your posts, send them at times your client base is sitting at the computer or on the toilet with their Smartphone in hand (kind of hard to judge that one, but you get my point)!

It’s pretty simple really, think about when your user is most likely to be using the site.

One of the cardinal sins we see when assessing a business’s social media outlay are high volume “same-time” posts. Make a Social Media Calendar! More is not always better, be original, be creative and find a voice for your content and your company!

Key Indicators- Trying to quantify your results is something that is difficult.  Consider growth in the number of fans, and growth in engagement per post.

Greediness! The bottom line here is that Facebook basically has a revenue model that is trying to encourage the use of their “sponsored” ads. This means that if you have a million users and you expect everyone to see it every single time you post this… it is unlikely to happen!  Every page is different and due to the content we have liked and engaged with, not all followers will see the same things. Don’t be upset.  Every page is different, due to the content we have liked and engaged with, not everyone will see your post.

That said if you write good content, create eye-catching images, and work on developing your persona, people will look to your page for education and involvement. It’s as simple as that!