The Power of Color in Marketing

What does your logo say about your company?
Before we delve into the various aspects of a logo such as font, emblem, tagline etc. I want to talk about one aspect, color.
Color is something that can evoke emotions, reactions, and even physical responses. Therefore, the importance of color within the logo, and subsequent branding of your company, has a profound influence on what people think about your company and of you!

Think about it. If you meet somebody and all they wear is grey, whether it is subconscious or not, you will associate certain traits with that person. The same would occur if someone joins you for powerofcolordinner wearing one of the suits pictured here; you probably would assume they are confident, or maybe they are outgoing and lively. Or maybe they’ve had one too many eggnogs… Who knows?

In end you may be wrong about those traits, but that is the impression that you initially had that continues to be associated with that company. With logos as with people, color is a tool that implies something about your brand. To get your story started, make a good first impression and get your best potential customer to notice you.

For example, if  you are creating a freshly squeezed juice for the beverage segment of your company.  Consider starting with a bright green, yellow, or orange in your logo.  These colors evoke the ideas of peace, health, and natural ingredients, concepts that are associated with fresh bright flavors.
What do you want to tell people about your company?
What is your story?