Brand Development & Definition

Your brand is your story.  That story relates to your customers what they can expect from your products and services. We are here to help you further identify and establish your brand by creating a marketing plan/strategy that truly represents your business. Defining your brand is a form of self-discovery. The marketing plan/strategy we develop will not only add value to your brand, but will also keep your brand fresh, while you grow and retain your audience.

Creative Services

(Video, Web, & Print)

We want to reach your audience through both written and illustrated content. We provide the visual aesthetics you need to promote your business in the right way. Your brand will have a fresh look that will encourage customers to engage.  As our team manages and develops your graphic content you will see your brand grow; clearly representing the products and services offered across all media.

Market Research | Customer Profile Development

Who is your customer?  Learning who uses your products and services will ultimately boost your business. We will build profiles of your customer base based on the market research we carry out. Identifying the demographic, geographic, psychographic, and buying patterns of your customers will help you reach them more effectively.

Marketing Consultation

Are you ready to implement a marketing strategy that attracts the best possible audience? Your customers are your number one source for growth and improvement as a successful business. We will ensure that your company has presence in the market it stands out in. We provide professional guidance that matches your company’s values.

Social Media Strategy & Execution

Are you trying to understand the rapid-changing world of social media? Let us help you spread the voice of your brand across the social platforms that your target audience is using. We will help your business identify the social media tools relevant to your marketing objectives. Not only will we introduce you to the ways social media can attract your customers, we will develop a strategy, manage your platforms, and report on performance.   

Social Media Outlets:

Google +

…and more!

Event Creation, Staffing & Execution

Are you interested in engaging your customers at local events?  Find out if you are able to engage your customers with your brand through local events. Events increase awareness and exposure of your products and services to customers. In addition, other businesses may seek interest in partnering with your business when they connect with you in public. As we learn about the industry your business is in, we can plan and staff social occasions for people to interact with your brand.

Media Planning & Purchasing

Once your marketing objectives are clearly defined, we will use media tools to reach those objectives. We will find the right communication channels to showcase your brand, as well as reach the right audience. The right timing, along with the right message, will yield a desired response from your customers. The communication channels you utilize will depend on who you want to target as an audience.

Media Outlets:

Television (Broadcast & Cable)
Specialty Publications

…and more!

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