Seniors Go Digital

Are seniors (Age 65+) one of your brand’s targeted markets? No need to fear. You can still pursue your digital marketing strategy because they are increasingly getting involved in the digital era. Forrester just recently published a demographic overview of seniors that have already gone digital. The study found that 60% of U.S. Seniors are online, which equates to more than 20 million online seniors in the United States alone. But what are they using it for and do they understand it? Now, they may not be quite as tech savvy as teenagers in today’s society are with using Twitter, Skype, and downloading mobile apps, but 49% of online seniors have a registered Facebook account. They most commonly use it to share photos and connect with friends and family online. Also, the study showed that 59% have made an online purchase within the last 3 months. Therefore, don’t be weary to pursue a digital marketing approach to reach your older audiences because more and more increasingly join the digital generation.