Mastering Quality Content

What should you be looking for when it comes to creating quality content for your Social Media Platforms? This question becomes even more complex when each one is slightly different.  Facebook maybe the largest social medium, but Instagram is the most visual of platforms.  Social Media continues to change as each becomes more suited to pictures, gifs and videos. Even Twitter is now more than just writing witty one liner’s.

For quality content that will grow your fan base and engage your viewership all you need to do is think about these 3 things.
1. Don’t be constricted by your industry. Just because you are a Real Estate Agency doesn’t mean that all you have to talk about is the housing market.
2. Talk about what is important to your brand and you!
3. What do your viewers want to see? What do they click on? People tend not to like stock photos so don’t expect anyone to get excited.

In short, make it interesting, funny and useful. Use pictures of what your company is doing, give people faces they can connect with and information that they can actually use.